March 27, 2007

The regular meeting of the Rootstown Township Trustees opened at 5:30 p.m. on March 27, 2007. Those in attendance were Trustees David Armentrout, Diane Dillon and Bonnie Howe, Fiscal Officer, JoAnn Townend, Darrell Stephens, Jim Mahood, Van Black, Chief Palmer and Julie Carpenter.

Tom Stewart, Sandy Stewart, Delbert Smith, Velma Suttle, Julian Walker and Mike Barbetta of March Creek Development (Phase II) were present to express their concerns of houses being rented to NEOUCOM students. They are having parties and block the road and the cars block the mailboxes and the mail carrier does not deliver the mail. Mr. Stewart said this is a single-family area. The majority of the homes are owned by Mr. Krummel. Diane suggested they make an appointment with the Dean of Students at NEOUCOM. The Board advised them to complete a complaint form and submit it to the Sheriff’s Office for every incident. The Board received a letter from the Portage County Prosecutor’s Office dated March 16, 2007 regarding this issue and advised the Township not to get involved as it is a private matter. The individuals should seek their own legal counsel. The Trustees also forwarded this information to the Zoning Commission for their review.

Resolution No. 2007-056 – Motion was made by Diane Dillon and seconded by Bonnie Howe to accept the minutes of March 13, 2007. Upon roll call the vote as follows: David Armentrout, yea, Diane Dillon, yea, Bonnie Howe, yea.


The rope on the flagpole was broke and replaced with the Fire Departments assistance. They also replaced the flags at the Town Hall and cemetery.

The County has not contacted Darrell regarding the bid books for repaving Hogle, Cobblstone and Curtis.

JoAnn will verify how much the Township spent last year for mowing to make sure it does not have to be bid out.

Darrell spoke to Bob Park and the completion date for the sign at Gracie Field is an additional 3-4 weeks. The Board believes the current drawing does not look like the original drawing. Darrell has a copy of the original drawing and will make copies for the Board. Dave will also contact Mr. Park.

Darrell hasn’t had any luck locating a new truck through the State purchasing program. JoAnn will get a contact person for Darrell from ODOT.

There were no funerals since the last meeting.

Darrell requested to advertise for residents to remove their decorations from Homeland Cemetery by April 20th. The Board suggested adding this rule to the sign at the cemetery.

Darrell has the plans of the building that was proposed for the cemetery a while ago that was prepared by Dave Sommers.

Darrell spoke to Shirley Riemenschneider and she would like the concession stand and restrooms open for the Easter Egg Hunt on April 7th.

The Board discussed residents to only be permitted to purchase grave marker(s) from monument companies when placed at the cemetery.

Dave said a resident brought it to his attention and took pictures of the ditch that is eroding at the corner of Rosalind Drive and Tallmadge Road. Dave will give the pictures to Darrell for review and possibly contact the County Engineer.


There were six (6) acts of business.

Jim had several conversations with Mr. Mehl regarding his dilapidated buildings on Tallmadge Road. Mr. Mehl spoke to Bob Wrentmore from the Portage County Building Department, they typically do not require a permit nor inspect anything less than 200 sq. ft. Mr. Wrentmore said he had two options either tear them down or fix them. Mr. Mehl is unsure what he would like to do. Dave also talked with Mr. Mehl and told him the Board wanted a plan of action. Dave recommended he speak to Mr. Wrentmore.

Resolution No. 2007-057 – Motion was made by David Armentrout and seconded by Bonnie Howe to extend Mr. Mehl fixing his dilapidated buildings to June 26, 2007. Upon roll call the vote as follows: David Armentrout, yea, Diane Dillon, yea, Bonnie Howe, yea.

Jim said the Portage County Building Department created a form that they would like completed when new businesses come into the Township. Jim will be completing the forms.

Resolution No. 2007-058 – Motion was made by Diane Dillon and seconded by Bonnie Howe to set a public hearing for Zoning Amendments 2007-1, 2, and 3 to be held Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 6:00 PM at the Town Hall. Upon roll call the vote as follows: David Armentrout, yea, Diane Dillon, yea, Bonnie Howe, yea.


Chief Palmer is working with JoAnn to complete next year’s operating budget. He should have it prepared by the next Board meeting.

Chief Palmer would like to update their cardiac monitor to enhance the treatment of cardiac and respiratory patients. This upgrade also includes the communication with the local hospitals. The cost is $10,584.64. The funding would come from the EMS line.

Bobby Wain, paramedic with the Fire Department was present to demonstrate the cardiac monitor. The communication would be sent to the hospital while in route so nurses, doctors, etc. know how severe the patient is.

Resolution No. 2007-059 – Motion was made by Diane Dillon and seconded by Bonnie Howe to update the cardiac monitor and related equipment to enhance treatment of cardiac and respiratory patients at a cost not to exceed $10,584.64. The funding will come from the EMS line. Upon roll call the vote as follows: David Armentrout, yea, Diane Dillon, yea, Bonnie Howe, yea.

The Board scheduled a swearing in ceremony for Tuesday, April 10th at 5:15 PM at the Town Hall for new members of the Fire Department.


Ken Moss, President of soccer was present to inform the Trustees that he hopes the Trustees consider installing soccer fields on the land that was recently purchased by the Township for park land. Diane suggested he attend a Park Committee meeting.

Diane spoke to Chris Meduri regarding installing a pond at the park and he suggested contacting OTARMA.

Chris received the paperwork from Bill Lentz (Englehart’s attorney) they added a clause if we make a late payment there would be a 7% interest cost. The Board agreed to compromise to allow a (30) thirty-day grace period of payment without interest payment to the Engleharts.

Diane asked Dave if Jim mentioned the correspondence he received from an attorney regarding the former Summit Art Glass on the corner of Sandy Lake Road and State Route 44. Dave said he did mention it to him. Diane is disappointed with Jim Mahood not informing the Board. Diane said Matthew Pettigrew who services oil wells is interested in purchasing the building for this use. Mr. Pettigrew approached Jim and asked if he could purchase the property for this use. Jim said absolutely not.


The Board reviewed the employee manual for Township employees other than the Fire Department.

Resolution No. 2007-060 – Motion was made by Diane Dillon and seconded by Bonnie Howe to adopt the Rootstown Township Employee Manual for Township employees (except the Fire Department) with the following changes:

Upon roll call the vote as follows: David Armentrout, yea, Diane Dillon, yea, Bonnie Howe, yea.

Dave presented a letter from the Regional Planning Commission regarding 2007 CHIP block grant. Dave will review the letter to see if it pertains to the Township.


JoAnn presented a letter which was drafted by Chris Meduri regarding Rootstown Water Company request for a letter of support in regards to their application for federal assistance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the office building/maintenance garage project. The Board agreed to have JoAnn sign the letter.

JoAnn received e-mail from David Barnett regarding his interest in serving on the committee for a community garden. She forwarded the letter to Dave. Dave said he received three (3) phone calls of residents interested in being on the committee.

JoAnn received information from the Portage County Prosecutor’s Office regarding the Portage Salt Supply case file. The Board agreed for JoAnn to keep it in her files.

Resolution No. 2007-061 - Motion was made by Bonnie Howe and seconded by David Armentrout to pay bills on file with the Fiscal Officer. Upon roll call all yeas and no nays.

Resolution No. 2007-062 - Motion was made by David Armentrout to adjourn at 8:07 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

David Armentrout

JoAnn Townend
Fiscal Officer